In an effort to continue to provide you with an excellent experience while respecting the new dangers of the Corona virus we have instituted some new policies to ensure the safety of our guests.  The following will be applied immediately:

1. Disposable Serviceware - We will be only using disposable utensils and napkins

         a. Wooden chopsticks

         b. Paper Napkins

         c. Paper Beverage Napkins

2. Proper sanitization of tables - We will be following the recommended guidelines provide by the manufacturer of our Sanitizer products.  

         a. Wiping tables between uses with enough sanitizer to cover the table and take over four minutes to dry

         b. Spraying Chairs between uses with 70% Isopropyl Alcohol and let dry for over 30 seconds

         c. Spraying Menus between uses with 70% Isopropyl Alcohol and let dry for over 30 seconds

         d. Normal sanitizing procedures including washing all dishes and running them through a dishwashing machine calibrated to chemically sanitize

3. Nightly cleaning and Sanitizing

         a. Clean and sanitize all tables and chairs

         b. Clean and sanitize all floors

         c. Scrub with degreaser, rinse and sanitize all kitchen equipment

         d. Scrub, Spray, Mop and sanitize kitchen floors

         e. Spray front of house with disinfectant spray

4.  Social Distancing - In an effort to minimize contact and closeness with other guest we have implemented the following:

         a. Removed some tables to create more space

         b. Changed seating procedure to ensure maximum distance

         c.  Staggered reservations to curb over crowding

5.  Created new takeout and delivery options

         a. We have launched our new online ordering system to make takeout orders easier

         b.  We are working on a dedicated curb side pickup spot for customers to never have to leave their car

         c.  We will be adding two dedicated deliveries per night so customers can enjoy their meals at home without ever leaving.

6.  Created new policies and strictly adhering to current policies on hygiene and cleanliness

         a. Instituted new mandatory disposable glove wearing for all staff to ensure cleanliness

         b. Mandatory handwashing every 20 minutes regardless of what you are doing at the time

         c. Conducted training on proper handwashing techniques including washing for at least 20 seconds or two happy birthdays

7.  Created new sick leave policies to ensure that any employee that is feeling sick does not show up to work.